Programming contest to test the programming talent of the students in diverse areas

Programming contests offer a means to attract interest in computer science, of sharpening logical proficiency, and of having fun. CCI-VU conducted an Inter-campus programming competition between two of its campuses (Railway Road & ShahabPura) on August 17, 2015 which allowed all the students to participate for free. A total of 24 students (12 from RC, 12 from SC) registered for the event. The 2-hour contest was like a knock out competition. Post-contest zeal and zest was high, and several students volunteered to help in prospect contests. We anticipate that the current and future contests will persist to bring out the same degree of enthusiasm (In Sha ALLAH). We received many encouraging remarks about the contest and are delighted that it had been successful. Moreover we believe that the contest was enjoyment for all concerned. We surely enjoyed organizing and holding it. Thanks to the hard work of the contestants.