Sports Gala November 2015

Computer Connection Institute organized its Annual Sports Gala on 26th November, 2015 at VIP Ground, Gondal Road, Sialkot. Our Faculty and Event organizers put their untiring efforts to make the event enthusiastic and successful. Main objective of this activity was to develop a sporting spirit in the students and to provide them an opportunity to demonstrate their physical prowess. Buses were utilized for female students to ease the movement between campus and the venue of the Sports Gala. Ample seating arrangement and a tent was erected on the vast sports ground of the premises. There was a gathering of almost 400 people including; Students, Event Organizers and Staff members. Senior faculty members were given the task to organize activities for the students. They guided all the sports events of the day with their fair and unbiased judgments. They patiently explained the rules of the games scheduled and graced the sports day with their expertise. As sports Gala was aimed at making students feel relax mentally and physically, there was a lot of entertainment for them. Female students enthusiastically participated in various events like; Spoon Race, Tug of War, Banana eating competition, Cold drink competition, Needle competition, Mehndi Competition and musical chair. Male students took interest in Cricket, Tug of War, Arm wrestling and Push-Up contest. The sports gala kicked off with our special opening ceremony of cricket tournament at 9:00 AM. Cricket Tournament became the center of attraction of this mega event where 8 teams of VU Sialkot Campus participated to won the title of “Fall 2015 Cricket Champion". Final match was played between team Alpha and Crazy 11. Both the teams were very good but it was Crazy 11’s day as they won the title of Champions. A number of stalls like Gol Gappa, Cold drink, Italian Pizza etc were also set up. Music system was also arranged for the entertainment of the participants throughout the day. All the staff members and organizers put all their efforts in performing the activities to the full forte. It was really a fun day. It was an exciting day for the students of Virtual University. It highlighted the importance of the sports and a sporting spirit. Students adored it very much. Sir Sohail Amir Khan, the chief guest of the occasion expressed his appreciation on the immense talents of the students, who performed with great expertise. He extolled the Management’s efforts to Nurture and Nourish the students with value based education for their all-round development. Sponsor of the tournament VIP wears Pvt. Ltd. Pilano Sports, Cricket House were honored with the memento by worthy principal Sir Sohail Amir Khan. Overall best performance in all events was also awarded and the winning team was also applauded. The prize distribution ceremony was completed by 5:00 pm and the sports gala ended at 5:30 pm with the vote of thanks leaving thrilling memories in the hearts of each and everyone present there.