IT Office

This course covers BasicsMS WindowsMS WordMS ExcelMS Power Point, Internet. This course is being developed for those who want to enhance their capabilities in automated office work. It is being designed in such a way that it will fulfill the requirements of the professionals working in any particular field. Course duration: 02 months.



Introduction to Computer History, Applications

Types, parts, and operation of a computer

Introduction to Operating System

Windows XP/7/8.1/10, Office 2007, Installation / Trouble Shooting


MS Windows



Controlling Applications

Arranging your Desktop

Multitasking Window Explorer


MS Word

Navigating in Word

Creating, Editing, Saving & Printing a Document

Auto Text, Help Tools

Using Tabs, Proofing Tools

Borders & Shading, Bullets & Numbering

Working with Tables, Columns

Styles, Graphics & Images

Long, Multiple documents

Templates, Forms & Macros

Indexes & Table of Contents

Cross Referencing

Spreadsheet Import/Link

Master Documents


MS Excel

Create / Edit / Format worksheets

Excel Functions & Charts

Macros, Add Ins, Style Sheets

Formulas, Creating and Printing Reports

Customization & Advanced Charting

Link Columns & Paste Special

Pivot Tables, Problem Solving

Analyzing & Calculating Data

Customizing & Automation

Data Maps, Integration, Macros


MS Power Point

Create / Edit / Enhance Slides

Working with objects, Printing and Presentation

Insert Objects, Charting

Apply Design, Slide Animations

Slide Show



Internet History, Architecture, Modem, ISP, Internet Account, Login

Domain Name System, Web Searching, and Browsing

E-mail System, Compose / Forward / Reply E-mail

Online Shopping, Chat and other services


Important Dates