Graphic Designing (Duration: 2 Months)

In this course you will learn the basic tools of Corel Draw & Adobe Photoshop and able to develop brochures, print media designing, business cards, logos. Enhancement of images, photographs, compositing the images with various effects. Course duration: 02 months.

Corel Draw

This course is for people who wish to design and produce professional type-set quality documents ready for print in an efficient and cost effective way.
Introduction to Toolbar, page layout. Working with objects, shapes and nodes. Manipulate objects. Alignment, spacing, scaling, measurements. Group and shaping objects.
Create and handle text. Edit, resize, move and rotate text and graphics. Use fills and outline. Customizing the options. Graphic file formats.
Special effects; drop shadow, bitmap effects. Modify perspective, Extrude text and graphics. Use the lens tool. Powerclips and envelopes. Fit to path text and shapes, blend, counter.
Artistic media. Import and export graphic files, pdf, barcodes, templates.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the premier photo editing software tool. Photoshop is used to enhance your images. Introduction to Canvas Size, Picture Resolution for web and printing, Type of Modes. Creating attractive multicolor background using capacity. Beautify your graphic using filters. Creating layers using selection. Manipulating and transform the layers. Applying layer styles. Distinguish between grouping and merging of layers. Layer enhancement i.e. color, brightness, contrast etc. Using and creating the Shapes, brushes, and pattern.
Image file types, Cropping images, Compositing (putting several images together).
Grey scale picture to color using adjustment of level, color balance, brightness & contrast and variations.
Reducing image downloading time using slice tool trick. Using and implementation of Path tool.

Important Dates