Basic Requirements to apply for Admission (In Urdu)

  • Personal Email address
  • Personal Mobile Number
  • Passport Size Photograph with signature (at bottom)
  • Scanned copy of CNIC
  • Scanned copy of Orignal Educational Documents
Note: Please contact the nearest VU campus if you do not have scanned copies of the required documents.

Step 1: Go to Online Admission Form link

  • Open any Web Browser and type to open the home page of Virtual University of Pakistan.
  • Click on the Admissions tab.
  • Click on Apply Online in the drop-down list. Otherwise, simply click on the Admissions Open banner on the main website. Sign Up window of Online Admission Form will be displayed.

Step 2: Sign Up

  • Enter your Full Name, Mobile number, CNIC and Email in the given fields.
  • Enter Password of your choice (Minimum 8 and maximum 20 characters) in the Password dialogue box.
  • Click "Sign Up" button.

Step 3: Email Verification.

  • You will receive email verification link on your provided email address.
  • You need to open your email account and click the said link.

  • Now your email account has been registered for further process.
Note: Remember your registered Email ID and Password. Do not share your Password with anyone.

Step 4: Sign In.

  • Use your account details (CNIC Number and Password) to Sign In.

Step 5: Filling the Admission Form.

Admission Form consists of following sections:

Step 5.1: Program Selection:

  • StudyFrom:Select location With in Pakistan .
  • Program:
    Faculty: Select desired faculty. Degree: Select level of the degree like Diploma, BS, Masters, ADP, Zero etc. for more details view the Brochure
  • Study Program: Select desired field of study like Arts, Psychology, Zoology, Mathematics, Statistics, Business Administration etc. View
  • Study Status: Select Virtual Campus.
  • City: Select Sialkot.
  • Prefferd Campus: Select PSKT01 Computer Connection Institute.
  • Biological programs candidates will have to select Lab Preference for merit.
  • After filling the complete information in this section,Press Save and Move to Next Step.

Step 5.2: Personal Information:

  • Personal Information: Type your Full Name, Date of Birth, Father's full name (as on Matric/EquivalenceCertificate) and CNIC with other particulars/informationas required in the given fields.
  • Educational Information: Select/Enter your Academic credentials in the given fields.
  • Employment Status: Select your employment status (Yesor No) and enter the particulars in case of Yes.
  • Others: Enter the required information and give your feedback on how did you know about Virtual University of Pakistan like "Newspaper, Facebook/ Social media, Internet search (google, yahoo etc.), Friend/Family, Banner, Billboard, CableTVetc. After filling the complete information in this section, PressSave and Move toNextStep.

Step 5.3: Need Based Scholarship Form:

  • If you are interested to apply for Need Based Scholarship, select Yes to display the Need Based Scholarship Form. Fill in the required fields.Incase you are not interested, simply click .
  • After filling the complete information in this section, Press Save and Move to Next Step.

Step 5.4: Credit Transfer Form:

  • There are following options available in the section of Exemptions/Credit Transfer/Entry Route for BS: - Do you intend to apply for credit transfer (Course Exemption) ?

  • NO
  • Want to apply for course exemption/credit transfer on the basis of incomplete degree program.

  • Want to apply for exemption for BS with entry route on the basis of 14 or above years of qualified degree program.
  • The interested candidates may click option number 2 OR 3 above as per their qualification and fill the form. Rest of the candidates may skip this form by selecting No

    After filling the complete information of this section, Press Save and Move Next.

Step 5.5: Upload Documents:

  • You will have to upload the given list of documents in supported file format(jpg,jpeg)with maximum size of 1MB.Photograph with Signature, CNIC/Form-B, Handwriting Sample, Relevant Academic Result Cards/Certificates/Degrees.

Step 5.6: Submit Application:

  • If you have purchased Prospectus, you will select YES to enter the Serial No. and Scratch Code, pasted on the Prospectus, in the given fields. If you have not purchased the Prospectus, select No. Now verify the form thoroughly to confirm that all the provided information is correct 'to the best of your knowledge'.
  • Click on the Submit Application button.

Step 6: Admission Confirmation

  • Admission Form will be scrutinized by the Admission Section based on admission eligibility.
  • In case, admission form is complete in all respects and candidate is eligible, it will be verified, and admission fee vouchers will be issued (except life science program) for confirmation of admission.
  • Life science Program's fee vouchers will be issued after displaying of Merit lists. Successful candidates shall pay Fee within due date. Status of the admission will be published on VU website link under Admitted Candidates List
  • Admission will be granted to the candidates who have deposited Fee within the due date.
  • Admission confirmation email will be sent to the admitted candidates.